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My Work

Architectural practice:
Residential work

Small Scale Residential work

Part One: Initial Exterior expression:

Interior work was "gut and renovate". The exterior expression involved addition of a vestibule, new front stoop and landscaping. Subtle in expression but large in importance were the gentle (low height) changes in level from main floor to vestibule, vestibule to stoop, gentle stairs to driveway - all to accommodate the decreasing mobility of a spritely senior. As mobility further decreased and two knee replacements became necessary, the flower bed immediately in front of the stoop were sacrificed for a vertical porch-lift (exterior open elevator).

Part Two: future partial renovations:

Carefully innovated details meant new upper cabinets could be installed on a light steel stud wall, with the following desirable results:
1. Use readily available (economical) but heavy cabinet boxes from “big box” building supply store. Manufacture had since stopped making style of lower cabinets so custom doors for the upper cabinets was more cost effective than replacing the lower cabinets and visually preferable too!
2. Stayed within budget for new upper cabinets including installation
3. Conferred work to just the kitchen (avoid affecting bathroom on the other side)
4. Fewer workers needed (just a handyman - not an electrician and plumber too)
5. Avoid cost over run for this task
6. Quicker completion of task
7. Contributed to completion of “the larger project” on budget and more importantly on time which achieved release of the lender’s hold back!

One room rear extension + other minor work:
Design and permit/ construction drawings for a 1 1/2 storey house.

Testimonial:“I am writing to thank you for the design services that you provided. The professionals at the city and the contractors we met with made positive comments on your work. Andrea and I appreciated your patience through our many revisions; we'd recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you and regards,

Renovation and rear addition:
On going piece work for another architect turned into something more

. Before this project I had worked for Ernest Hodgson Architect on many (20+) small renovation projects for the Toronto District School Board. Because I trusted his work I was willing to take over the project under my license and certificate of practice so he could retire at the time he planned.

Services provided:
• revised approvals drawings
• representation at Committee of Adjustment
• building permit / construction drawings.
• contractor was able to start construction as per the time range required by the owner
• project completed.

“Thank you for all your help Steve.
Best regards,